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Simple and easy to use, this one-hitter has a classic slider lid system which you will find very easy to take anywhere. It is made from natural teak wood with a clean design. How to use the dugout pipe? Just slide the lid to reveal a compartment. This is where you place your herb. The adjacent compartment is where you dip the bat to load the pipe with herb and to fire it up. Place the lid back and the dugout keeps your weed safely so you can take another day. The best part is that this neat pipe fits in your pocket without arousing suspicion.

The Dugout Pipe is a simple one-hitter pipe made of classic metal and wood. It comes with a simple compartment for your herb stash and it fits neatly inside your pocket. No need to arouse suspicion; you can smoke anywhere you want to with this easy to use a pipe. There are a few flaws but nonetheless, it’s a good small marijuana pipe for anyone who wants to enjoy a good toke.

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