Sativaka Bottle

This is a pipe with an intricate and elegant design. You will find this glass pipe a worthwhile part of your collection because it is so beautiful. It’s fun to watch the smoke passing through the glass pipes too with its many twists and bends. The double coil is not just an aesthetic feature for this pipe. It can cool down the smoke so you can take it with a smooth clean hit. As you can see, the pipe was also designed to be placed on a table without falling off.

This Glass Pipe is made with swirls and spirals which can actually do more than making the pipe beautiful. The swirls actually make it easier to cool down the smoke. It looks like a collector’s item piece but surely you’ll want to use it again and again. The main problem you may have with this type of pipe is that it could be too hard to clean. You may need to use chemicals to remove debris and stuck residue in the pipe’s inner swirls and spirals.

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