OG Kush

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Sativa Dominant Hybrid 55% Sativa / 45% Indica

THC: 16% – 19%


buy Given its sky-high THC potency, the uninitiated should tread lightly. Smoke too much, and you may feel dizzy or paranoid. Likewise, many users claim they get a case of dry eyes or evil cottonmouth following a few tokes. So keep a bottle of water nearby and maybe some Visine. Moreover, like many strains, it doesn’t affect all users the same. For many users, it helps alleviate headaches; some people, however, report they experience a headache after indulging. Of course, everybody’s physiology is different .  robust cerebral effects make it a popular choice for alleviating stress, anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. It’s also popular with many vets (and others) suffering from PTSD-related symptoms. Likewise, OG Kush’s pleasant body effects make it a consistent standby for those coping with chronic pain and movement disorders. you can learn more from http://leafly.com as such, you can get other strains from our site at loudpackvape

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OG Kush was first cultivated in Florida, in the early ‘90s when a strain from Northern California was crossed with a Hindu Kush plant from Amsterdam. The result was a hybrid with a unique terpene profile that boasts a complex aroma with notes of fuel, skunk, and spice.

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42 reviews for OG Kush

  1. Riley

    Depressionskiller … Ich habe lange Zeit an Depressionen gelitten, vielleicht 6 Jahre, Tabletten. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, was sie für mich getan haben. Vielleicht habe ich die ständigen Selbstmordgedanken unterdrückt. Ich bin mir nicht sicher.

  2. Anita

    Riecht nach Teenager-Topf, schmeckt nach Teenager-Topf und fühlt sich wirklich wie Teenager-Topf an. Es macht großen Spaß. Trockener Mund, trockene Augen.

  3. Mei

    J’ai fumé de l’herbe pendant des années auparavant, mais je n’ai jamais été aussi captivé et intoxiqué par l’odeur avant cette variété. Le high m’a adouci. J’adore cette souche

  4. Vernon

    I have been on at least 30 different types of medication and nothing has ever worked like this strain. It is a miracle plant that takes away all my anxiety, stomach pain from the anxiety so I can eat, and I can focus much better

  5. Elyse

    Love it. I’m getting so horny of this… I’m a stoner girl and I definitely would like to find my stoner guy❤️

  6. Ernestine

    This is by far my new favorite strain. It tastes delicious almost like a woody vanilla with sort of sweet undertone. The smoke was a little harsh at first but it mellowed out after a few hits.

  7. Lesley

    Any strain that causes anxiety I need to stay away from. I usually stick with indicas and some hybrids. I picked up this OG and it was top notche

  8. Tam

    Thanks for finally talking about it OG Kush / OG / Kush / What does OG
    mean < Loved it!

    Really great strain

  9. Williams

    You feel so happy and giggle constantly. High lasts 4 hours easily.

  10. Gregory

    Habe ein paar Stunden vor dem Rückflug von Amsterdam ein Gramm abgeholt. Wirklich schöne Anziehungskraft auf die mit THC überzogenen Nugs, die einen blumigen Geruch ausstrahlen.

  11. Deb

    Very calming. Makes you happy and relaxed. I was surprised by how powerful of a body high it gave – you really start to tingle all over.

  12. Marlon

    Nur ein ausgezeichnetes Sativa-High, das ich liebe. Diese Sorte ist eine gute Wahl für jede körperliche Aktivität und / oder einfach nur das Schießen mit Freunden oder Fremden, egal in welchem ​​Fall. Rauchen Sie es, genießen Sie es und geben Sie es weiter

  13. Columbus

    The taste largely mirrors the smell, woodsy and herbal. Effects are quick and happy. I felt very very uplifted and rather euphoric.

  14. Arianne

    Very euphoric/psychedelic for a kushy strain. Be careful not to smoke too much; I have anxiety disorder and I found this strain to basically active

  15. Keesha

    SUPER sticky fingers were like glue . I rarely give 5 out of 5’s i dont know what to complain about amazing strain. 5 Out of 5.

  16. Lincoln

    Az OG Kush jó megterhelés a dohányzáshoz napközben, jó étvágy és fájdalom hiányában. Olyan ízek, mintha csak egy fenyőfát ettem volna, fás és szúrós illatú, nagyon eufórikus

  17. Frederick

    Le goût est un pin terreux épais avec une expiration de carburant. La saveur est de premier ordre ici ne pourrait pas demander une meilleure fumée!!

  18. Julianne

    A good hybrid with both head and body relief. Excellent for sore muscles after work. I like it because it isn’t to narcotic and I can still somewhat function. Smells very pungent and earthy with a hint of pledge and wine

  19. Brett

    Just picked some up for the first time today, OG Kush is now one of my favorite Strains its good for night time makes me feel happy , chill(Lazy) and a good euphoric feeling so im going to smoke one more bowl and goo watch netflix and pass out and wake up tmr feeling soo good not tense in the back just over all relaxed and ready too smoke more

  20. Leta

    You can’t hate on OG Kush. A strong earthy and piney aroma with dark dense nugs. A must try!

  21. Barbra

    Le goût est excellent, un goût skunky-kushy qui persiste jusqu’à 30 minutes, ce qui m’a vraiment surpris. Le high dure très longtemps et il ne faut que peu ou rien pour vous élever

  22. Dorthea

    High quality bud, strong buzz, hard hitting. I recommend for those days when you need a hard hitting body buzz, this is easily one of my favorite strains of all time.

  23. Mackenzie

    My No.1 strain for nighttime relief from MS! Kicks me in the pants and sends my off for a great nights sleep!

  24. Eulalia

    One of the best ..sativa dominant but there is a light body high too. doesn’t taste or smell too pleasant but strong. sooooo much keef..it will coat your jar!!

  25. Makayla

    This the best in creative weed in the earth :d!

  26. Rocco

    Overall excellent strain for body and head high, and great at relieving nausea.

  27. Ellie

    Great psychedelic high while totally being aware and able to have a conversation. Great for stomach pain. No anxiety, no throbbing head, just a relaxed sedation>

  28. Sabina

    This strain is very relaxing and helps with my ADHD. Tonight was one of the highest i have ever gotten, and the buds are VERY compact, probably half an inch tall & wide, and i had gotten this for the first time tonight

  29. Chastity

    OG Kush is not an indica or sativa it is an Afghanica it is something entirely different.

  30. Mora

    Plus je fume og kush, plus je l’aime. C’est juste un effet si bon et relaxant. Le high est si bien équilibré. Cela me fait me sentir en paix et “normal”. Cela ne me rend pas somnolent ou fatigué, ce qui pour moi en fait une fatigue à tout moment de la journée.

  31. Phyllis

    OG Kush is a knockout strain. It is very psychedelic and trippy as compared to the intense space highs of other strains. It never got to the point of being overwhelmed, though three hits was enough.

  32. Jon

    Best strain I’ve ever had. Could not stop giggling and I was still functional. Very fun strain

  33. Cheri

    Good weed with great effects. Highly recommend you try it

  34. Colette

    Thanks , I’ve recently been searching for information about this for ages
    and yours is the greatest I have found out
    till now. I got my package to France safely. I will definitely recommend you to my guys

  35. Arah Francois

    C’est la pilule anti-dépression la plus relaxante que vous puissiez fumer et c’est l’un des meilleurs médicaments que j’ai jamais essayés

  36. Corey

    OG Kush hat ein schnelles Weckgefühl und ist wahrscheinlich der Grund, warum es so beliebt ist. Es hat einen kiefernen Anfang und ein leichtes, süßes, würziges Ende

  37. Rosetta

    Une grande variété. Frappe très vite et très fort, super énergique au début, puis descend dans un high très détendu.

  38. Shani

    OG Kush est le meilleur pour soulager le stress et l’anxiété. Aide également à soulager la douleur.

  39. filologo

    Questa O G Kush è molto potente e potrebbe essere troppo forte per alcuni fumatori inesperti. Ha un gusto e un aroma meravigliosi, è stato curato e stagionato lentamente e sono davvero impressionato nel vedere una cura così amorevole data a ciascuna gemma

  40. Rachel

    I love feeling the strong effects right away. So many strains out there now but OG Kush is always a go to

  41. Mellissa

    Mon préféré ou 2ème favori, c’est là-haut. Ce truc me fait toujours soigner dès le premier coup.

  42. 비트코인믹싱

    What’s up Dear, are you truly visiting this web site regularly, if so after that you will definitely get
    pleasant knowledge.

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