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Paris OG is an indica cannabis strain. It has THC Level of 21 % . With the average THC for hybrids being around 12%, this is definitely not a strain that holds anything back, even at its lowest.

Its Side Effects

Helps for calming and also with insomnia.

Promotes rest and relaxation.

It causes dry eyes and cottonmouth,both of which are very normal, especially when smoking.

It causes an increased sense of paranomia, for most people this does not detract from the enjoyment of the high.

Some people experience headaches as the effects of its wear off,causing a heavy headed feeling which can be unpleasant.

Flavor and Aroma

It has a complex aroma, with there being a strange mix of smells that hit you in waves as you break apart the buds and burn them. The first sniff of the strain will trick you into thinking that it has a simple profile , with a citrus and fruity smell having gentle floral notes. It taste exactly as you would expect given its aroma the fruity smell.The first sniff fills your mouth with a sweet,citrus flavor which leaves a fresh feeling and causes a tingling feeling on your tongue.Further drags enables you to be able to appreciate the deepness of flavors, with notes of blueberry and pine.


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