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150mg CBD Variety Pack Boost Gummies



Do you want to buy 150mg CBD Variety Pack Boost Gummies online? Become a customer of Happy Tree Buds today!

Strengthening Your High with This 150mg THC Sampler Box (20mg x 15). There are no artificial flavors or preservatives used in the production of these CBD Gummies. They are the best tasting, juiciest, and most naturally flavored gummy candies available.

Vitamin C, citric acid, gelatine, glucose syrup, MCT oil, sugar, and THC are found in the Variety Pack Boost gummies. Choose our Variety Pack Boost (20mg x 15 gummies) for a burst of flavor

Each gummy is infused with 20mg of CBD. To make things easier and more discreet, each pack comes with 15 gummy bears that are packaged in tins.

150mg CBD Variety Pack Boost Gummies Profile

  • Multi-Pack Boost with 150mg THC (20mg x 15) A single serving of CBD Gummies contains the correct amount of the compound. It is kosher and organic and low in calories.
  • They’re also delicious! You don’t have to pick between these four flavours because the multipack includes all four in one convenient package.
  • Perfectly chewy and supple, this is one of my favourite candies.
  • There’s no euphoria to be had with CBD, so it’s an enjoyable treat without any additional effects. In any case, you’ll experience a sense of peace and well-being.

Recommendation for storing of 150mg CBD Variety Pack Boost Gummies:

Our Boost 150mg CBD Variety Pack Boost Gummies may soften in warmer temperatures, so we advise keeping them in the fridge.

Boost Gummies are naturally flavoured and delicious. The best ingredients are used in each CBD cube, and no additives are used. In every bite, they deliver an excellent and consistent dose.

Try our 150mg THC Variety Pack Boost (20mg x 15) today for a delicious treat!

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