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Alien Labs developed the hybrid marijuana known as Banana Milk Strain. A cross of Banana OG and Purple Punch F2 gives it a strong fruity flavor. Apart from the flavor, the Banana Milk strain is well-known for its modest THC level, which ranges between 18% and 22%. The CBD percentage in this cannabis is minimal, but the CBG content might be as high as 1.83 percent. Because of the strong THC/CBD/CBG content, it’s not recommended that first-timers try smoking any of the buds because the effects may be rather potent.


Experiment with your sense of taste and smell

This strain is most renowned for its flavor. It tastes like a combination of cherries, bananas, and grapes with some floral overtones. It has a fruity scent with floral undertones, which matches the flavor profile. Banana Milk is a favorite strain among cannabis aficionados because of its flavor and scent.

The Strain’s Effects | Banana Milk Strain

Using a blend of Sativa and Indica qualities, this cannabis produces a euphoric, relaxing, and creative high. Those that smoke this strain of marijuana report feeling euphoric as well. After some time, the user’s body begins to enter a state of relaxation, at which point they begin to feel sedated.

Due to its ability to alleviate chronic pain and depression, this strain is ideal. It may also aid those who are suffering from sleeplessness. Banana Milk, like most other hybrid strains, may cause headaches and psychosis if not utilized properly. Indica-dominant hybrid Banana Milk is a cross of the Banana OG and Purple Punch F2 strains, which resulted in a 75% Indica/25 As far as taste goes, this bud’s moniker is all you need to know. Sweet and creamy with a hint of banana and tropical candies and fruits, Banana Milk is a delicious beverage. Aromatically, the scents are extremely similar.

The banana flavor is overlaid with spicy grapes, and a sugary sensation builds as the nugs burn. Banana Milk’s relaxing benefits begin to take hold in your head as soon as you exhale and extend to the rest of your body. You’ll experience happiness and calmness entering your body and mind as a result of this. While your mind is on cloud nine, your body is in profound relaxation, making it hard for you to tell where the time has gone. Banana Milk’s drowsy effects and high THC content make it ideal for treating chronic pain, appetite loss or nausea, insomnia, and depressive symptoms. There are large, thick, pepper-shaped nugs of Banana Milk that are covered in tiny milky green crystal trichomes.

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