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Cookies and Cream

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Cookies and Cream Strain Information

Cookies & Cream is a mix between Star Fighter and an unknown GSC genotype bred by Exotic Genetics. A common nickname for it is Cookies and Cream strain. There is pleasant vanilla and nutty aroma when cookies and cream are grown and preserved correctly. In terms of THC content, it has an average of 26%, which may lead to sensations of pleasure and contentment. Even though Cookies & Cream might lean Sativa or Indica depending on the phenotype, it gives an excellent blend of intellectual and physical benefits. First Prize in the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best U.S. Hybrid went to this tasty flower. Cookies & Cream’s THC content has ranged from 20% to a whopping 25% at the cannabis testing facility Analytics 360. There are little to medium-sized buds that don’t stick together in clumps.

Physiological and Medical Effects.

His euphoria builds gradually, starting with dizzy lightheadedness and developing to a state of complete relaxation of the whole body. While savoring the flavor of Cookies & Cream, customers may feel a pinch in their temples. Anxiety and depression appear to play a greater role in the mental impacts of this strain. Moods of euphoria and enhanced sensory awareness are possible. If not completely incapacitated, these psychedelic feelings are accompanied by an overwhelming sense of heaviness in the brain and limbs. It’s time to stock up on Cookies & Cream cannabis seeds.


It’s all about total slumber here, accompanied by a type of dreamlike cerebral stimulation. With Cookies and Cream’s semi-narcotic qualities, it may be used to treat many different physical illnesses. Even a modest amount of the drug may help alleviate aches, pains, and discomfort. When used at a higher dosage, this flower may help alleviate insomnia by lulling its consumers to sleep. Some of the symptoms of stress and anxiety disorders may be alleviated with the aid of cookies and cream, which can reduce anxiety and improve mood. Invest in Cookies and Cream.


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