High Dose – Cannabis Infused Gummies – 500mg THC



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High Dose – Cannabis Infused Gummies – 500mg THC

Cannabis-infused gummies are a tasty way to obtain a high dose. You can get gummies with more cannabis, but most have 10–20 milligrams. Start slowly and increase to the optimum dosage. Air-dried or refrigerated cannabis-infused candies last two weeks. Air-drying makes them harder, drier, and shelf-stable. After air-drying, take from moulds and place on parchment paper or wire baking racks. Eat after two to four hours of air-drying.

Dispensaries sell cannabis-infused candy in many flavours and sizes. These edibles are incredible since they have the perfect concentrations of THC and CBD. Depending on impact strength, you can make your blend or infused recipe. Cannabis-infused gummies make it easy to consume THC or CBD. Gummies break down and absorb THC and CBD into the bloodstream. After a few hours, some people feel a high that lasts for days.

Cannabis Infused Gummies Flavours:

  • Cherry 500mg THC
  • Cherry Cola 500mg THC
  • Tropical Punch 500mg THC
  • Watermelon 500mg THC
  • Strawberry 500mg THC

Suggested Use:

When using a product for the first time, we suggest beginning with a low dose. Wait at least sixty to ninety minutes for the maximum impact before taking another dose.


Keep in a cold, dry location until ready to use. If possible, use it up within two months of opening it.


Ensure that youngsters and animals can’t get their hands on it. Do not go behind the wheel or operate any machinery if you have been drinking. The effects of this product may not manifest immediately and may continue to have an impact on users for a significant amount of time after ingestion.

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High Dose


Cherry, Strawberry, Tropical Punch, Waletrmelon, Cherry Cola


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