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Rainbow Sherbet Strain

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What Are The Effects Of The Rainbow Sherbet Strain On The Body?

With such a name, you can be sure that rainbow sherbet has a lot going for it. First of all, the taste is surprisingly balanced – there is no sweetness or acidity, so it is not too tart or acidic. This is also very different from other high THC strains. For people who are looking for a good, natural and relaxing feeling, then this could be the option to try.

The first thing you’ll notice about the popular strain is its name. ‘Sherbet’ comes from the colour of the liquid itself – pink. This is quite an unusual and strong strain which will start to strike almost immediately after it is brewed. If you’re looking for an herbal remedy with a natural sweet taste, this unusual strain may be just the right choice.

Understand Colour

There are two main features that make this one of the best. Firstly, it has a deep, fruity rainbow colour to it. As we said, this is mainly because of the purple color of the trichomes and because of the amber coloured crystal trichomes. These two combine to give the beautiful, fruity rainbow sherbet a deep, intense, forest green colour.

In addition, it has a sweetish, woodsy, herbaceous and earthy aroma. In fact, the smell is described as ‘a bouquet of jasmine flowers’. This is a good characteristic, as this is one of the more distinctive and tasty smells in the cannabis world. If you like a rich, complex scent, then this is likely to be the strain for you.

Some Rainbow Sherbet Strain Characteristic

When you taste this amazing drink, you will not want to stop drinking it. It tastes so rich and creamy, and with its floral, citrus flavour is extremely sweet. However, the powerful taste does not overpower the smoothness of this drink. The high level of tannin in it also helps to keep it very sweet, at over a third of a percentage point. A highly potent, almost acidic drink, the sherbet strain may help you stay awake and alert.

The other characteristic you may want to look for is the heavy body stone. As the name suggests, it is almost instantly heavy, almost like a thick, black pudding. It has a slightly bitter taste, but again, this taste fades fairly quickly. You may want to drink the sherbet with a straw, so as to keep the taste to a minimum. The heavy body stone can make you feel sluggish and sleepy – especially after a hard day’s work.

In many cases, the west coast cure rainbow sherbet strain is a cross between two different strains, each with its own distinctive taste. These are mostly cross between the Sativa and the Citrus. While there are many hybrid flavours available on the market today, most of them have a taste that is heavily sweetened with sugar. It is common for people to drink these strains when they are feeling sluggish or need some energy boost.


As far as how the hybrids differ from each other, there is no way of knowing exactly which strain was used to create it. Only the owner of the original plant knows the exact composition, as it was created in a climate with extreme differences. However, the good news is that you do not have to go to Mexico to get a good deal. Many Canadian companies grow marijuana and export it to the United States and Europe. If you want to try rainbow sherbet, then you should look into buying a hybrid instead of a regular one.

Wonderful Effect of Rainbow Sherbet Strain

Another factor that you will want to consider is the effects that the strain has on your body. Some people suffer from nausea when they use it, while others do not. If you are interested in buying a hybrid that promotes focus, then you may want to consider one that has a lower level of nausea. This will help to ensure that your body does not become overly dependent on it. You will also want to make sure that you buy one that has a very nice flavour to it.

Some of the best things about the rainbow sherbet strain is how it promotes focus. You will notice that you have more energy when you are using this type of marijuana. Your brain will be able to function at a higher level and you will not feel like you are dragging through your day. When you have extra energy, then you will also be able to accomplish more in less time. This means that you will not need as much time to get through each of your tasks.

The other thing about the sherbet strain that you should know is that it is a very powerful strain. This is one of the strongest strains that can be used for medical purposes. Many people will use this to relax and to get rid of stress. You will not notice that the effects are long term. It only takes a few hours for you to feel the effects. Even if you smoke a small amount of it, you should still see results because of how potent the plant really is.


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