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Skywalker OG


Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted, Energetic

Medical: Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Lack of Appetite

Negative: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Anxious, Dizzy, Headache

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Skywalker OG Strain

Skywalker OG Strain a potent Indica-dominant hybrid strain that may just take you to a galaxy far away. Next we have no Sith genetics here—this plant is a cross between Skywalker cost. OG Kush and has the strong aroma characteristic to kush strains that includes a spicy herbal scent ting with jet fuel.

In the meantime some users report strong body effects that include mild tingling and numbness.

Again if pain and physical limitations are the issue, Skywalker OG is here to rescue you.

How much does a skywalker cost?

The cost strain depends upon the weight and packs. We are offering the pack in gram and an]lso in an ounce.

Possible Effect

Due to the high concentration of CBD, the dosage, this product works well for those with a variety of chronic pain problems. Treat this carefully or the body to immediate relief, whether due to an accident or a disease. When your life is in danger Because you have a very difficult time with detailed evaluation. It is well suited for those who are under pressure, with anxiety, or when they. Instead of focusing on the negative things during your time off, head to a relaxing destination where you can unblock your mind and rejuvenate your spirit. Often useful for those who are bothered by a bad appetite is OGW: If you have problems with appetite, you will benefit from the use of this.



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