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Banana Hammock

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Banana Hammock Strain Information

Strain is commonly well known as “Banana Hammock Strain R1,” is an Indica marijuana strain. That  is crossing  between Mandarin Sunset and Grape God. It is a popular strain in the cannabis industry. This unique hybrid produces a taste profile that is tropical fruit-forward, with terpenes that smell like grape and honey in the background.

The relaxing effects of the its excellent for resting down on the sofa or as a nightcap before going to sleep. The THC content of Banana Hammock r1 is around 12 per cent on average. Although more powerful variations have emerged over time. There was a significant increase in the number of people tested who met or above the 20% threshold.

Marijuana Banana Hammock THC Content

It’s important to discuss your THC tolerance with your budtender before you purchase this variety of marijuana. So, many medical marijuana users use this. This strain to alleviate symptoms linked with anxiety, sleeplessness, and stress. The Banana Hammock, according to the producers, produces medium-sized fluffy. So, this buds with dark green leaves and fiery orange hairs throughout the plant’s body. Ethos Cannabis Company, based in Colorado, was the original breeder of this strain.

Banana Hammock strain r1 Cannabis Strain Review

Indica dominating hybrid Banana Hammock strain, grown by Galenascannabis. It is a mix between Grape God and Mandarin Sunset that has a strong Indica influence. Despite the fact that the predicted purple buds listed on major review sites did not materialise in my bag. None the less, I was happy and satisfied with the buds. Which would include the previously stated monster 3.19g bud. The flower itself wasn’t very dry. But it didn’t have the traditional sticky disgusting feel to it either.

Banana Hammock r1 Strain Grow

Flowering on the green leaves, with vivid orange hairs and yellowish trichomes. That are big and abundant enough to be seen easily on the green blooms. Galenas flower has a soft, delicate scent that immediately reminded me of their 10th planet. In addition, when removed from its packing, it resembles a Quonset Hut. all of which come through well in the flavour. In the aroma, you’ll find notes of 

  • earth
  • sweetness
  • and traces of berry

Medical Advice and Effects After Smoke Strain

Because the smoke is a little harsher than usual, anticipate coughing a little. As far as the effects are concerned, it starts off pretty positively with a pleasant head high. That gradually sank into the body after around 30 minutes. Soon after the euphoria passes, a deep sensation of relaxation takes over. Which has the effect of successfully lulling you to sleep. While it is most effective at night, if you use it during the day. Get up and start your project from the beginning with your head held high. So, you will avoid the couch lock.

Therefore, this medical powerhouse with a broad terp profile, which tested at 19.3 per cent THC. 1 per cent CBD, and 1.2 per cent CBGa. It may undoubtedly assist inflammation, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and both arthritic and muscle pain. This bud is an excellent example of why galenascannabis is certifiedkind, and it is available for purchase here.

Small Review

I have fibromyalgia, severe neoropathy, RLS, sleep problems, and a variety of other symptoms. I have a wonderful Friend who has recently acquired a little amount of this strain. OMG. I could feel the ROD waning very immediately. It was the first time in 15 hours that I had felt such a sense of relief from the constant pain that I had been experiencing. I had a really restful night’s sleep. I’m seeking to acquire a strain seeds, specifically the Banana hammock seeds. Those who suffer from neurological aches that radiate throughout their entire body. Try this strain and I hope you get the same results as I did……wishing you the best of health……….