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Cherry Lato Strain

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The Cherry Lato strain is a hybrid strain that cross between Black Cherry Funk with Acai with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. This means that it is a hybrid-dominant strain. An easy way to say this strain’s name is “Cherry Lato”. It’s also very well known in Europe as this name. It comes from the cherry family. The CBD content of the strain is less than 1%, and the THC content is between 22% and 26%.

  • Indica dominates the hybrid.
  • It is 60% indica and 40% is sativa.
  • THC level 18% to 22%.
  • CBD content that is less than 1%
  • Black Cherry Funk x Acai

Cherry Lato Gelato’s Genetics:

Black cherry is a hybrid of moderate Indica strains of unknown strains, and it is called cherry lato because it is so dark. It was made by a breeder who isn’t known. But we’re still trying to find its mother.


  • Unknown strain


This Indica strain has small, sticky, forest green buds with minty leaves and a dense structure like other Indica strains, which makes it unique. There are some sticky, crystal-white trichomes, but they aren’t very many.


With six people, the berry, sweet, and apricot taste of cherry lato strain can be seen and smelled. This tastes like a berry and is sweet to 4 people out of 6. and only two people taste strain apricots out of six people who eat them. Eat well, then go to bed. If you like Indicas, this would be a good one for you to try.


This is because gelato cherry is a cross between black cherry funk and acai. It smells like a mix of those two strains. Berry and cherry scent with a sweet smell.

Effects of cherry lato gelato

Through three different things, the effects can be seen. That is good and great to know before you start smoking for the first time. There are ways to help, feel good, and be negative.

  • People feel euphoric, relaxed, and aroused when they eat chocolate. But people say they are more euphoric and relaxed than they are aroused, so that’s why.
  • The way you can help is by being there. There are three things that happen when you help someone: depression, stress, and cramps. Almost two-thirds of people say it helps with depression, two-thirds say it helps with stress, and one-tenth say it helps with cramps. Depression and stress are more important than cramps, so that’s what I mean.
  • Negatives: People who eat black cherry gelato report feeling anxious, having a dry mouth, and being paranoid. Most people say they feel anxious, have a dry mouth,s and are paranoid, but not all of them agree with this. Everyone feels the same bad effects.

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