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Gelonade Strain Connected Cannabis

Gelonade strain is a hybrid marijuana strain created by crossing Lemon Tree with Gelato #41. It is a popular recreational marijuana strain. When consumed, gelonade provides tingling and elevating effects that will have you feeling like a social butterfly. This strain is primarily known for its sweet flavours, which include delicious citrus and vanilla. Gelonade is a prominent cannabis strain in the state of California. Patients who use medical marijuana can benefit from this strain since it can help alleviate symptoms related with pain and anxiety.

Gelonade Strain Review by Connected

This is a specific batch of a certain type of… When it comes to top-shelf cannabis, this is the batch that truly sets the standard for what I expect to find. It has a citrus and cherry fragrance that is followed by a subtle sweet funk that is rounded off with. Lemonade Cherry dominates the scent, yet on the taste, there is a distinct gelato undertone that I find intriguing. Strong lemon and cherry notes appear on the inhale, evoking the flavour of a cherry, and on the exhale, there are gelato undertones present. Upon combustion, the buds are clean and white, and they have the feel that buds that have been well cured should have. Breaking these gems down has been a joy.

According to me, the hit is rather unique for a gelato cross. It’s still classified as a hybrid, but it has a strong sativa kick to it. When I first receive this high, I feel energised, and the lemon helps me to get tasks done with a smile. However, it is quickly knocked down by the gelato impact, which reduces the upper feeling to that of a hybrid. According on how much I’ve eaten, I can become pretty couchlocked while my brain is thousands of miles above my head. The music is fantastic, and I’m thoroughly enjoying life as seen through the eyes of this Gelonade. Everything appears to be incredibly amusing, lively, and optimistic! As a side note, I’m finding that this blends well with just about any other strain, adding an optimistic, joyful boost to a more powerful strain.