10th planet strain and other Amsterdam tins information

10th Planet is a cannabis strain that is a 50/50 hybrid. It comes from well-known breeders Ethos Genetics, who have produced a slew of well-known strains throughout the years. This marijuana was created as a consequence of a hybrid between Planet of the Grapes and the “Pluto cut” of Quattro Kush, among other strains.

In terms of THC content, marijuana has an average concentration of 14 percent to 16 percent, with an estimated CBD concentration of one percent. However, even if it isn’t overwhelming, it is still a strong Indica strain, and it may not be the ideal option for first-time users. If one has the necessary knowledge and expertise, the strain will reward them with exquisite tastes and a nice, calming high.

A strong grape and citrus fragrance, as well as earthy and skunky undertones, emanate from this plant. Inhaling the smoke from 10th Planet, you’ll notice a strong presence of grape and citrus smells, which are combined with traces of gasoline. At the same time, it’s easy to detect sour citrus notes on the inhale, which are followed by a faint skunky note on the exhale.

Tinplate metal aluminum tin is a long-lasting and non-toxic material like the 10th planet strain. Once closed, the container is airtight and smell proof. After opening the ring pull, place a plastic cover on top to keep the contents safe. —- High-quality strain labels that are simple to peel and stick.

Completely fill and shut the container starting at the bottom of the container. Pulling on the ring with your hands will close the base and open it. Closing and opening do not require the use of a machine or a can opener.

Hand-sealing your items is a simple way to keep them secure and fresh. Dry foods, consumer products, labs, outdoor work, and novelty item packaging are all good candidates for this material.

Stores up to 100ml/3.5g of products. Diameter: 73mm (2.9 inches), Height: 23mm (0.9 inch).

Each set includes the following items: one (1) silver-colored tin body, one (1) bottom-base-cover, one (1) plastic lid, one (1) side-can label, and one (1) lid label (random print)

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