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Obama Kush Strain’s top-shelf Indica strain not only has an apt tag, but it also conveys the President’s notorious message of ‘Change’ through its influence and inspiration. OG Kush, in the second generation, is by far the best strain for euphoria and euphoric/cognitive influence. Since it’s a 50-50 combination of Sativa and Indica strains. Of course, as said earlier, you don’t have to wait long to feel the impact. Just a few puffs of Obama Kush delivers an amazing head and body high right away.

In my Obama Kush Strain, you’ll enjoy artistic, euphoric, and sedative highs. When you are stressed, your eyes feel heavy and relaxed. And it is only after you’ve had a few puffs that you notice the heaviness and fogginess has gone. You’ll get a mix of fruity, liquorice, and skunk notes.

A fine late-night smoke is one of the strains of Obama strain. From working long and hard, experience a profound tranquilly followed by a small amount of discomfort. While the new President Obama will shortly be leaving the White House, Obama Kush will remain for several years to come.


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