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The Ten Co Zushi



The Ten Co Zushi Strain

the ten co Blue Zushi is a beautiful, Indica-dominant hybrid that has a mellow, medium-range, high THC content. The Ten co zushi strain is the most popular weed in the world. In fact, some of those who followed the ten pounds to go diet said that they lost ten pounds within the first week.

A lot of people have also gained back the amount of weight they have lost since the program was discontinued. The Ten co strain zushi is also known as the Blue Zushi Strain and the creator of this diet is the late Dr. Masamitsu Nozaki.

Dr. Nozaki Blue Zushi Weed

Dr. Nozaki wanted to create a weed that would be easy for most people to follow. He did his research on what the recommended food consumption should be for Japanese people and came up with the Ten co. Since rice is the staple diet of Japan, Dr. Nozaki felt that it would be an excellent way to include rice into the weed. Because of the popularity of the Ten co strain, Dr. Nozaki created several variations of the ten pounds to-go diet. There are several versions of the ten pounds to go diet that are being marketed today all over the world.

The Ten co blue zushi strain

The Co Zushi Strain is one of the most popular strains in the world. The Ten Co Zushi Strain can be bought in two different forms, the pill and the powder form. This strain is also being sold in powder form. The reason why Cozzy is so successful is because of the way it is being advertised. Instead of just telling people to take the ten pounds to go a diet and expect amazing results, they tell people how the strain will help you lose ten pounds in a week and then tell you how you will achieve that weight loss in thirty days.

Effect of the ten co Blue Zushi

Every advertisement for the ten co blue zushi stresses the ease of use and the quick weight loss. Many people have actually lost their first ten pounds in a week using the blue zushi. In fact, many people have lost ten pounds or more in a short period of time. The advertisements have even convinced some people to stay with the program even after their weight loss has reached the goal.

If you want to lose the ten co strain in a week then the ten weed to go diet can definitely help you achieve your goal. In fact, the blue Strain can help you lose ten pounds in a matter of days. However, the process of losing the ten pounds will require dedication from you and the motivation to succeed. Once you start to see the pounds dropping off you will feel so much better about yourself.