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White Bubblegum Gelato Backpackboyz

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Brand: Backpackboyz

Buy Backpackboyz White Bubblegum Gelato Online. The granules in these nugs are quite compact. Dark green to purple hues covers the surface, with splotches of brilliant orange hairs and a thin layer of riches.

When you first open the bag, the aroma is spicy and minty all at once. During the finger grind, I detect a piney, minty, spicy aroma. It’s quite “refreshing.”

Backpackboyz White Bubblegum Gelato online

The more it was ground, the more vanilla flavor came through in the mixture. It isn’t very good at finger grinding. I’ve also noticed that it leaves a waxy coating on my fingertips, but not in the finger hashy resin type of sense that I’m used to from excellent herb. Inhalation is a little harsh, and exhalation is a little spicy and gassy.

It has a flavor that reminds me of some of the best OGs I’ve ever experienced. The head movement is moderate and gives the impression of being typical of a hybrid. Backpackboyz White Bubblegum Gelato is now available for purchase online.

I remember the first time I smoked, it was the end of a long day, and it hit me hard. I passed out in the middle of the conversation. That hasn’t been my experience since, and while I don’t mind a balanced hybrid high, I’d rather not have it.

At this price and with these stats, I’m expecting a lot more from the head change in terms of herb. It proves that THC percentages aren’t all that important. This is a decent herb by no means, but it does have a distinct flavor character that isn’t found in many other plants.

White Bubblegum Gelato Backpackboyz Smell And Taste:

The smell and taste of Backpackboyz’s white Bubblegum marijuana strain are reminiscent of candy. The buds are olive green with white trichomes and bristly pistils. When smoked, White Bubblegum’s nutty and berry flavor smells like cotton candy. However, you can find Backpackboyz gelato at most grocery stores and dispensaries.

White Bubblegum Gelato is a sweet, delicious, and slightly Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain that was created by crossing the classic Gelato #45 and Indiana Bubblegum strains. It’s the perfect dessert strain for a lazy weekend day spent at home. It’s incredibly potent, giving users a creative high that will have you couch-locked in no time. It’s produced in small batches, and it’s in high demand.


1 Ounce, 1 Pound