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Banana Milk Strain



Banana Milk Strain Information

Alien Labs developed Banana Milk Strain, a new strain of marijuana that looks like a banana. An extremely fruity genetic lineage can be traced back to its parents, which are Banana OG and Purple Punch F2. Banana Milk’s mild THC level, which ranges between 18% and 22%, is one of the strain’s most well-known features, nevertheless. Compared to other strains, this one has less CBD and more CBG (up to 1.83%). For total beginners, it may not be the best idea to smoke some of its buds due to its high CBD/CBG/THC content.

Strain Cannabinoids

18.0 – 21.0%
0.11 – 0.53%
0.1 – 1.41%
0.07 – 1.83%
0.06 – 0.29%
0.41 – 1.09%

Smell and Taste

The flavor of this strain of cannabis is what sets it apart from others. It tastes like berries, bananas, and grapes, with a touch of flowery sweetness on the side. The aroma is fruity and floral, much like the flavor. Banana Milk Strain is a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs because of its distinctive flavor and scent.

Euphoric Icon

65% Voted

Giggly Icon

67% Voted

Creative Icon

65% Voted

Berry Icon

68% Voted

Flowery Icon

66% Voted

Grape Icon

68% Voted

Effects of  Banana Milk Strain

This strain’s blend of Indica and Sativa genetics results in a well-balanced high that includes feelings of happiness, relaxation, and creativity. After smoking this weed, some people say they get a little giggly. After a period of time, the body begins to relax, and users begin to feel drowsy.

This strain’s properties make it an excellent choice for treating depression and chronic pain. Insomnia sufferers may benefit from it as well. Using Banana Milk improperly might cause headaches and paranoia, which are common side effects of hybrid strains.

65% Voted

Concern Icon

66% Voted

Headache Icon

65% Voted

Grow Information

This plant can easily be grown from seed. It can be cultivated indoors or outdoors and takes 75-83 days to flower. If you have the space, plant the seeds outside where they will yield more than those planted indoors.

Flowering time icon Flowering time
75 – 83 Days
Harvest time icon Harvest time
89 Days
Yield indoor icon Yield indoor
0.5 – 1 Oz/Ft² (~ 300 g/m²)
Yield outdoor icon Yield outdoor
1 – 2 Oz/plant (~ 400 g/plant)
Height indoor icon Height indoor
Height outdoor icon Height outdoor
Grow difficulty icon Grow difficulty
Flowering type icon Flowering type

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