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Billy Kimber Og



Billy Kimber Og Strain Genetic

Billy Kimber Og Strain most individuals are Indica-dominant strain, as are most OG Kush plants. But this phenotype is considered extremely rare. We cannot currently obtain any Billy OG farther away from the West Coast. But Billy can always be counted on to provide strong and long-lasting potency. Because it’s common on the east coast with residents who live in other parts of the country.

Effect and Medical

The Billy Kimber OG high produces very potently, with strong effects that keep you quite stoned for quite a while. You’ll have a cerebral as soon as the drugs are injected into your system. Which will prompt you to think more creatively and make you more euphoric. As the noise that follows quickly feels almost painless. You are basically locked into place from the rest of your body and in an inactive state. Where you only care about escaping the sensation of it.

Billy Kimber Og THC Content and Appearance

Because 25-30% of THC levels are higher than the typical marijuana. Billy Kimber O.G.G. is sometimes used to alleviate the symptoms of certain diseases. Those diseases including chronic pain, nausea, restless legs, or muscle spasms, and sleep disorders. This marijuana has a spicy-like undertone with a subtle undercurrent of earthy tones. So, when the buds begin to smoke, the smell becomes increasingly strong and takes on a pungent breath. Therefore, which is sweet with hints of pines and herby and spice With their dense, resin-rich and bright yellow resin that layers. These OG Kimber likes carry plenty of delicious lemon-green nuggets, but taste like sweets with their grape accents.