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Blunicorn Strain


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Blunicorn Strain Marijuana Information

Tetra Cannabis is a popular marijuana dispensary that is now well known as the biggest seller of Blunicorn strain. And the strain is vital and very popular in the cannabis lover field. So, Arnow Browne is the first and biggest field grower.  This company grow and then send all the strain to Tetra cannabis dispensary. here first they are just the well growth then peak it for selling online and in another shop.

Original Breeder and Genetics

As we knew that most of the strains are genetic or leakage of some others. Like others, Blunicorn is also a cross of two. And those two are very popular; Unicorn Poop x Blue Sherbert.This name is also a combination of both; the first word from the second and the second word from the first. Blu- Unicorn.

Effect and Appearance of Blunicorn Strain

Definitely one of my favorites and Arnow Browne Farm has become a quietly wonderful farm in Oregon for a short period of time. In addition, if you can track down their Hiroshima or Exclusive Cheese, you will be pleased with them as well.

The taste and fragrance are really one-of-a-kinds. Unfortunately, there is no other word to describe it but “crap,” and I mean that in a positive sense. It has a deep, savory stink to it, with a touch of berry sweetness at the end, which makes it one of the most unusual scents I’ve had in my medicine cabinet in a long time, and it’s one of the most unique smells I’ve ever had in my medicine cabinet.


The effects are pleasant and soothing, while yet allowing you to function to a reasonable degree to get by. I use this thing as a sort of wind-down smoke since it doesn’t knock me out like some other strains. As long as you aren’t driving, this is a good drink to have before a lengthy vehicle trip.


Overall, this is beautiful marijuana with excellent smoke and a great taste and fragrance. If @tetra.pdx has it while you’re in town, it’s a definite suggestion.

Why Blunicorn Strain Is The only Ability You really want

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