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Rainbow Kush

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What Is The Rainbow Kush?

The indica dominant strain, also known as the Blue Dream, is a highly potent and versatile hybrid. It was originally developed by good cultivator. Crossing the White Sativa with indica, creating a cross with a highly potent and versatile herb that produces large, luscious blooms. The rainbow kush strain is a close relative of the blue dream. The strain produces flowers that are highly colorful, have a sweet taste, and are very aromatic.

Throght About Rainbow Kush

Many consider the indica dominant strain to be a highly intelligent, versatile, and hard working cannabis strain. This strain is known for having an amazing ability to produce high quantities of resin. While being very selective about the flowers they produce. This strain has also been proven as being an excellent grower. The hybrid produces flowers ranging in color from purple to a rich honey color. Large leaves ranging from a silky green to a darker green. The buds are covered with a deep marbled color, and the flowers themselves. It can be pink, red, orange, dark blue, or even green in color.

Strain Indoor Growth

The most popular way to cultivate this cannabis strain is in indoor gardens. Because it has a very forgiving growing environment. It will take less time to mature than other cannabis strains, and will reward you with large, beautiful colorful buds. This is the most forgiving of all the cannabis strains and should be maintained by using consistent, slow growing methods. When caring for these plants, it is important to pay special attention to the watering techniques. So, taking care to water them only when the soil is dry and the buds are not being pollinated.


The rainbow kush strain has a very balanced combination of characteristics. Those are making it one of the most popular hybrid products available. When choosing your strains, it is important to pay attention to how easy they are to grow. And also pay attention to how they produce different types of flowers. This strain tends to be very versatile. Being able to tolerate some shade and drought as well as tolerate high amounts of sunlight. This unique characteristic allows it to grow easily in any type of indoor environment and produces multiple colors of flowers in every season. These traits make it an excellent choice for indoor gardens. And a highly desirable variety for anyone who likes beautiful, colorful buds.

Flowering Time

The flowering time of the rainbow kush strain is typically between four and seven weeks. Although the amount of time required to flower is completely variable. It typically takes between four and eight weeks for new growth and will produce a significant yield during the final two weeks. However, it is extremely easy to over-flower the buds, which can result in large quantities of excess resin. Care must be taken so that the young buds do not become overly stressed. A good watering schedule is necessary to achieve this goal. And can be achieved using a spray hose with a low rate of flow. Overwatering is usually avoided. And watering should be done every three weeks.

Characteristics Rainbow Kush Strain

There are other varieties of this particular strain that also have a wide variety of characteristics. The strongest known is called Crosswise. And is also used as the main source. MAin Source of inspiration for many indoor kush plants. It has a wider color spectrum than the Crosswise strain and is one of the most successful indoor plants. The downside to this particular variety is that it does not have nearly the same yield potential. As the Crosswise strain and is best suited to flowering later in the year. However, many commercial vendors have begun offering the Crosswise strain. As a supplement to the rainbow kush, which has undoubtedly helped to increase its popularity among consumers.


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