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RS 11 Strain

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 RS 11 Strain

 Bag Capacity Bag Size
3.5g (1/8oz) 3.62″x5″
7g (1/4oz) 4″x6.5″


RS 11 Strain Doja Packs and Cans

Doja sells different packs of strains. Doja is now appreciated for his top-quality strain products such as Doja Rs11 packs. RS 11 strain is now being sold as bags in Doja Rs11 packages, as well as Cali Tins bought from Doja or the Doja as well as Deo Farms Wizard Trees. This is why I’m going to show the display of RS11 to help you decide if you want to buy it or not.

Doja RS11 Strain Genetics

It is a favorite in the cannabis market due to its THC content. The breeder who started it all was Deep East Farm, which produced a mix with Gelato, Sunset Sherbert, Zkittlez along with OG Kush very properly. If someone asks who is the biggest retailer of the Rs11 strain, Doja Exclusive is the best answer. Therefore, it is well-known through Doja RS11 Strain in Cannabis enthusiasts’ minds.

About RS 11 Strain Doja Exclusive

The appearance: When I unlocked the bags and poured them onto my table my eyes were captivated by the medium-sized pieces that looked like a rock-like structure that resembled a rocky boulder with the tones shifting back between mint and forest green and featuring a gorgeous assortment of posterior cingulate woven over the glowing lights of the Christmas tree. and a layer of tracks was visible on the outside on the outside of the tree.

Smell: I immediately take a sniff when the bag opens; after the first sniff I’m greeted by a pleasant hot, spicy, and sour scent that sticks to my nostrils. There’s so much inside the container that it’s hard to identify each scent. The simplest description is the appearance of frosted flakes with peppery gas. Then there’s a sour taste on the back, a genuinely fascinating scent.

Taste: I feel a sour and sweet taste on the joint’s dry-pull reminiscent of meringue-like desserts. I open my eyes. I enjoy my first puff, placing my lips in close. The rich, smooth sweet earthy flavor is a delicious taste, my mouth gets an enticing change from the sensation of first contact. Exhaling gave me an identical sensation. However, the gas flavor was mixed in with the incredible flavor this bud offers. The bowl also has that scent, but the bong is a little toward the gas-si de of the bite.

The effects of the Rs 11 strain: It happened right when I hit the halfway point. It was when I could feel it was beginning within my back. It was then slowly creeping upwards and starting to relax every muscle throughout my body. About 3/4 of the way began to establish in my brain and get rid of any tension. I’ve felt like the sound of waves breaking into the sea, leaving the user in a small meditative state. The high is very clear and bright but not too cloudy. Then I continue to go through my day in a wonderful mood.

Rs 11 Strain Contents

This is an Indica dominant strain that was made by Doja Pak, Wizard Trees, and Deep East. Rs11 strain is a cross mix of black sherbert, oz kush, and pink guava and it has 31% THC.