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The Candy Rain Strain Marijuana Information

Across the whole West Coast, the strains London Poundcake and Gelato are two of the most widely cultivated varieties. Cookies Fam Genetics, which is essentially the cannabis equivalent of the Manning family in football. It is responsible for the cultivation of both strains. Anything with their name on it is going to be a hit. And the Candy Rain might be the next one to hit the market in this regard. It is Indica dominant hybird with high THC level. This is especially true when you realise that it was developed by breeding… The London Poundcake served with gelato is a must-try.

Candy Rain Review

Although it has a powerful gelato flavour, the flavour is ever so bit poundcake-dominated. Terps are quite complicated in this regard, and I’m very interested in hearing how others describe them. It starts off as a gassy yet sweet berry cream cake that nearly reminds me of the gassy cookie phenom that I recently discovered. The fruity/herby cookie flavour is quickly followed by a powerful blast of apple gelato terps. As it burns to bone white ashes and emits a smooth smoke, this one is a smoking enthusiast’s dream. The flavour was really divine when I tried it in a @paxvapor pax 3 as well.

Candy Rain gives me the impression of being an astronaut. My face definitely becomes numb, which is a strange sensation, but it almost makes me feel like I’m wearing a large space helmet while doing this. It has a slightly psychedelic feel about it. Colors are definitely more vibrant, and it puts me in a cheerful attitude that helps me forget about my troubles and makes me feel like I’m on holiday. To my taste, it’s somewhat more indica-leaning, and I feel the same spine relaxation and cerebral pressure as I get from Sunset Sherbet.

Not only is it not overly couch-locking, but I’m also pretty comfy no matter where I’m at. Since of how this makes me feel, I would love to smoke this while lying back in a chair and watching a beach sunset because that is how it makes me feel. When I go to roll this up, I get all excited, like a child at a candy store, because it looks, tastes, and smokes so damn wonderful. Thank you so much to @bud.of.all.colors for rescuing me from some of this. We look forward to seeing you again soon!